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A Happy Marriage Witnessed by Many Chocolate Cakes

Something great happened in New York State this year.  Our friends Lydia and Billey got married and I got to make the wedding cake and cupcakes! Oh, yeah, and New York State legalized gay marriage! Whether you want to get … Continue reading

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Vegetable Soupe Au Pistou

It’s getting to be late in the fall and that means that if you have a CSA or shop at the farmers market you are swimming in more vegetables than you know what to possibly do with. As the growing … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Breakfast Tacos

Earlier this fall I got to visit Austin, enchanted land of swimming holes, relaxed cafes, and the most delicious Tex-Mex invention of all: the breakfast taco. I could eat Mexican (and Texican) food all day, everyday, for every meal and … Continue reading

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Mango Lemongrass Sorbet with Chili and Lime

The summer days are already getting shorter. In the morning you can feel the tang of autumn in the air. Is it time to unpack the sweaters and break out the long pants? Not yet. We are not ones to … Continue reading

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Vegan Sauteed Stuffed Squah Blossoms with White Bean Alfredo Sauce

We are currently facing the vegetal challenges and pleasures that come with the height of summer CSA season. One delicacy that we received for several weeks in a row was squash blossoms. Last summer, following the suggestions of many cooks, … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Masterpiece: Black Bean Celery Soup with Fresh Vegetables

Perhaps its the early summer weather, but I have had very low motivation to go grocery shopping lately. This has left me rummaging around the cupboards and fridge when dinnertime comes, trying to construct something healthy and flavorful that will … Continue reading

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Magical Midweek Mango Salad with Quinoa and Black Beans

Sometimes kitchen inspiration strikes when you have the least amount of time, but the right combination of ingredients in the fridge and a particular taste in mind. Remember how I wrote that entry about lightening up for spring? One thing … Continue reading

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