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Squash season is here and it’s hard to resist these pretty orbs in all their bold orange and yellow splendor. However, they can be intimidating to cook and definitely require a sharp knife to cut through their tough outer layer. … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Masterpiece: Fritatta with Caramelized Onions and Watercress Salad

I did not even shop for groceries last week. I had no time to plan my meals or any time to make it to the Food Co-Op. Thankfully, I had enough in my fridge that I was able to cobble … Continue reading

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Magical Midweek Mango Salad with Quinoa and Black Beans

Sometimes kitchen inspiration strikes when you have the least amount of time, but the right combination of ingredients in the fridge and a particular taste in mind. Remember how I wrote that entry about lightening up for spring? One thing … Continue reading

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Eastern European Inspired Solstice Feast (with vegan/vegetarian options)

Since New York is currently covered in snow and I am stuck in my northeastern hideaway until tomorrow when the roads are cleared it seems like a perfect time to tell you about our solstice dinner (one day late) last … Continue reading

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Community Cooking Club: Lunch Specials

“Daytime should be delicious” In response to my entry about bringing your lunch to work or school, the indefatigable Tracy Candido invited me to be part of her new project, Community Cooking Club. CCC is a “lateral learning” event that … Continue reading

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