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Squash season is here and it’s hard to resist these pretty orbs in all their bold orange and yellow splendor. However, they can be intimidating to cook and definitely require a sharp knife to cut through their tough outer layer. … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Masterpiece: Black Bean Celery Soup with Fresh Vegetables

Perhaps its the early summer weather, but I have had very low motivation to go grocery shopping lately. This has left me rummaging around the cupboards and fridge when dinnertime comes, trying to construct something healthy and flavorful that will … Continue reading

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Becoming a regular Betty Crocker (or not)

I grew up baking cookies out of the Betty Crocker cookbook. It’s a large, orange covered binder full of recipes for making everything from vegetable sides, to jams, to cookies, to meat-based main dishes. The edition my mom has is … Continue reading

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