Mini Mid-Week Masterpiece: Rhubarb Berry Crumble

Rhubarb and berry crumble a success!
Perhaps I should start a new category, Midweek inspiration? Midweek meals? What do you think? You may have noticed that I am not a huge dessert person. I like a little sweet once in awhile, but nothing too much, thanks. Thus, rhubarb is one of my favorite dessert ingredients. It’s tart and substantial and nothing tastes quite like it. However, its season is a bit fleeting (though it can be grown all year round if you keep cutting in back) and I thought that this year I would be too busy to fully indulge in making seasonal rhubarb treats.

Fortunately, a tweet from @ChristelleRocks of the Christelle is Flabbergasting blog alerted me to a fantastic, and fantastically quick, recipe on My Kugelhopf for Rhabarberberry Crumble. It’s so simple: rhubarb and berries baked in a ramekin. I needed to find something sweet and exciting to get me through my evening of writing final papers and this was exactly it. I also had all the ingredients in my kitchen already.  From the depths of my freezer I pulled some rhubarb I froze last year so I could enjoy rhubarby goodness whenever I wanted, and I borrowed some blueberries and strawberries usually reserved to be eaten with my morning yogurt. Not seasonal, I know, but can you please name me a good seasonal fruit to put in yogurt in New York State right now? I didn’t think so.

Rhubarb crisps, fresh from the oven

Kerrin Rousset’s recipe is well written and clear, so I have no need to repeat it here. Just visit her blog here and now. I substituted Earth Balance for butter in the crumble topping to make the recipe dairy free and used blood orange juice because that’s what I had. I waited in anticipation for 35 minutes while the crumbles baked – would they be as good as the picture? The anticipation was worth it. It was a fantastic little pot of syrupy, berry, tangy goodness with a perfectly crisp topping. Perfect for a mid-week evening or anytime!

About 2cooksinthekitchen

Two cooks, one from Bushwick and a passionate meat-eater, one from Sunset Park and a former vegan, and both NYC transplants, set out to share original recipes that can be made dairy free and vegan deserts; showcase culinary resources in the outer boroughs (and sometimes Manhattan) where one can find unique, specific and fairly priced ingredients; and participate wholeheartedly in the many cultures of cooking and eating that make up New York City.
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2 Responses to Mini Mid-Week Masterpiece: Rhubarb Berry Crumble

  1. mmm, fantastic ! so glad you made the crumble – and enjoyed it too ! i love your use of blood orange juice, yum. i love baking crumbles, really is so easy and fast, and so so delicious. but no good local berries at the greenmarket now ? 😦 sending you some excellent swiss strawberries then… 🙂

    • 2cooksinthekitchen says:

      Thanks! Ooh, fresh strawberries, yes please! I think we will have to wait another month. But it will be worth it!

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